Who We Are


Best Care is a quality in-home  care provider offering a  wide variety of carefully planned, “Concierge” in-home support services tailored to individual client needs at reasonable costs.

Your custom plan is uniquely yours, and administered by well trained, experienced professionals who truly love what they do!

Best Care is an established company, Incorporated in August 2013 in Cary, Illinois. Our clear vision, fresh ideas and client focus are second to none.

Holly Kelps, President – has been a caregiver both personally and professionally. A dedicated and compassionate leader, she has earned B.A from Indiana Wesleyan University and MBA degree from Northern Illinois University, as well as a Gerontology Certificate, from Elgin Community College. In addition, she has provided volunteer services as a McHenry County Ombudsman for Long Term Nursing Care, and Family Centered Hospice. 

Whatever the need, our team of proven professionals has both the people skills and the hands-on experience, to provide the best possible care for our clients. Best Care is not only about treating people with dignity and respect, we’re about treating people better than they expect to be treated. Whether recovering from an illness or just needing a little extra help, we understand that people are happier and healthier, when services can be provided in the comfort of their own homes.

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