Why Best Care

Why Best Care?...  At some point in our lives, we all need help. All too often we don’t allow ourselves to reach out for help, or maybe we just don’t know where to go.

With a support team of people dedicated to helping others, we not only find solutions, we make new friendships.  Whether you need a companion to talk with, help with cooking, showering, walking your pet, or small jobs around the house, our Best Care friends are happy to help. That’s how we perceive our journey. It’s about making new friends and helping our old ones.

OK, but what’s different about Best Care?… Best Care provides specialists for each of our services, to better meet the expectations and wishes of each individual client… need assistance in the shower? Someone to shop and cook? Our specialists know what they’re doing and truly love doing it… and, unlike other companies, we offer one hour visits.

Additionally, our Care Managers are selected based on their experience with, and interest in, helping people, as well as their own life experiences. This special team of people are here to support those entrusted in our care, to exceed our client’s wishes and to provide a friendly, comfortable and secure environment for them.

So let’s talk…. Please accept this invitation to learn more about Best Care. I invite you to call, e-mail or schedule an appointment to visit. We are always available to provide more information and answer your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Holly Kelps, President, Best Care Corp